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Gerard Mier

Gerard Mier

Branch Manager
Branch 229

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About Gerard Mier

Gerard Mier specializes in marketing, business development, and recruiting. Gerard has accrued a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge over the course of his twenty-year career. Gerard previously owned and operated his own Coldwell Banker Real Estate franchise. During that time, he honed his skills as a mortgage banker and picked up an extensive knowledge of real estate along the way. In 1998, he partnered with the Rams Super Bowl quarterback Vince Ferragamo and opened End Zone Mortgage. This venture continued successfully until Gerard joined Sea Breeze Financial and became heavily involved in the marketing side of the business, taking up radio campaigns, infomercials, and print publication campaigns, all with the purpose of educating the Hispanic community about the American Dream of owning a home. Gerard attended Long Beach State University, his eyes originally set on a career in the residential remodeling industry. Working alongside designers and builders, Gerard has been involved in the construction of large residential projects and other projects. He kick-started the finance divisions at Productive Builders and Designers & Builders, as a co-founder and partner, to assist their respective clients with financing. Earlier in his career, he was the top sales producer at Pacific Distributors, Inc., eventually moving up to sales and marketing manager, in which position he took responsibility for such major accounts as Home Depot, Builder’s Emporium and National Lumber. In 2005, Gerard was made a partner of Essex Mortgage, a Mortgage Banker, and in 2011, he co-founded Califund, a mortgage company that specializes in down-payment assistance for first-time home-buyers. He continues to serve as a community educator, putting out radio programs and organizing seminars to show the Hispanic community how they can refinance, buy, and sell their homes.

About Excelerate Capital

Since 2014, Excelerate Capital has helped borrowers solve life decisions involving home mortgages both big and small. We take pride in our clients looking tous for practical solutions for their unique life situations. Excelerate Capital looks beyond credit scores and broadens our search to include context and adaptability.