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Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins

Loan Officer

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About Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins has been in the mortgage industry for 9+ years, and has been an Loan Originator for 5+years. Mostly known for helping clients increase overall wealth by utilizing equity for investments or lowering monthly debt, he also always to help out the VA community when ever possible. On his free time, Mr. Perkins enjoys to go to Hockey games and watch his team the Anaheim Ducks, as well as boating around the at the beach or the lake catching some fish. Scott rarely takes an entire weekend off but if he does, he still always invites clients to not be shy and to reach out anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend.

About Excelerate Capital

Since 2014, Excelerate Capital has helped borrowers solve life decisions involving home mortgages both big and small. We take pride in our clients looking to us for practical solutions for their unique life situations. Excelerate Capital looks beyond credit scores and broadens our search to include context and adaptability.